buffer size???!!

hello guys i just want to change buffer size ? how could i do it

using cubase 9 pro

i would like to hear your opinion what buffer sizes are u using and when do you change it?

It is usually a function of your audio interface. You may be able to access is control panel from device setup vst audio system.

yeah already checked there but no buffer selection !!

Control Panel?

What is your audio interface? Someone here might have the same and be able to help quickly…your OS might also be useful.

My OS is macOS sierra latest … cubase 9 pro…
Interface : appollo twin

Doesn’t the Apollo manual you’ll you how to do it?

I’ll check that but im really surprised

Protools and logic x … can change it in settings for playback engine!!

Anyway thank you I’ll have a look

The video here suggests you can set the buffers within the control panel (as already suggested by Grim and Audioguy). Is this really not possible? Have you followed the other instructions in the video? It says it’s the same for your Apollo twin as well as Apollo 16.


Go into the UA console application and set it there.

thank you guys FINALLY :smiley:

i uninstalled and reinstalled the universal audio apps … and control panel in cubase become clickable and now i can change the buffer easily in cubase thanks all