Buffersize with Mac Pro & Cubase 8

It seems that a lot in this forum uses VI’s and so do I. But I have been struggling with the right setup. Especially which buffersetting and Asio Guard on/off.
I hear people talk about huge templates with a LOT of instruments, but my experience is that even with a couple of instruments the cpu spike goes up, even when the seq is stopped.
In my current project I have this setup:

Scarbee Bass - kontakt 5
Effimov acc guitar - kontakt 5
2 externe synths
Arturia Mini Moog and Arp 2600
2-3 reverbs + eq and comp on drums
one stereo audio
one stereo audio

With this setup I can’t even run the seq at 128 samples latency
I can run the same project in Logic X and Pro Tools 11 with 32 samples latency.

What do your setup looks like?
Do you have CPU spikes even when all VST’s are turned of, like I do?

Cubase on mac runs really good, but its not good at very low latency settings.
Even on the fastest mac.

I have a buffer of 512 and everything is fine. Its good enough for me.
I am not paino player and analog signals are being monitored directly over analog hardware in my studio.
So, a very low latency setting does not make any sense at all to me.

For the rare occasions where i really need low latency, (a live pianist using VST’s or similar)
i prepare the project using freeze or render to free up resources.
I can use then 32 samples buffer size and its fine.

Again, there is no need for super low latency for me anyway 99% of the time.


Make sure you have asio guard enabled

Aloha M,

Because I mainly use a MIDIguitar
(which already has a certain amount of latency)
as a controller, my ‘latency’ rule of thumb is to:

‘Track lo’ and playback hi’.

Good Luck!