Bug: 10.2 Different Video setups with Workspaces: Crash nuendo

I’m using a Blackmagic Mini Monitor (thunderbolt 2 > HDMI) for video playback.
I have a serious issue, Nuendo crashes when I switch Workspaces that have different video setups (via the Magic or desktop video widow).
When I switch from workspace 1 (with BLackMagic output) to workspace 2 (desktop video) Nuendo simply disappears.
I’ve also noticed this after a reboot of the Mac mini, my video settings (Delaytime In ms) are gone and activating the Blackmagic makes Nuendo crash instantly,

Hope this can be fixed… it’s rather annoying



Is a crash dump file created?

Confirmed the crash here too.
If I switch to a Workspace containing the mixer (F3) in all 3 screens, bothN10.1 and N10.2.1 crash.

However, if I create a template with the same Workspaces, it works fine for a while.
It usually crashes later in the middle of a full project with MIDI and Audio tracks.

I thought it was just my system,
Because I have several other crashes:

  • Sometimes crashes when exiting N10.1.2
  • Sometimes crashes during editing Audio or MIDI

I already updated all drivers, video and motherboard included.

EDIT: just for reference, I worked with N4.3 for 14 years or so, and do not recall any crashes. Or maybe once a year max?


Could you attach the crash dump file, please?