[BUG] 5.5 convert tracks.. FREEZE

I was very happy to see .L and .R added to the list of naming formats…

But when I choose convert tracks stereo->mono or mono->stereo

nuendo is freezing…

can anyone repro this?

I’ve narrowed this down a bit

N5.5 is definitely getting confused by audio that is defaulting to “music mode”

the initial audio I tried this with randomly were ACID-ized music loops that would import in music mode.

Converting tracks using these sort of file is crashing to desktop and freezing.

When using any other audio so far from my sfx library, convert tracks is working as expected.

One thing I noticed… selecting convert tracks does not give you an option if you want mono->stereo or stereo->mono if there is only one way to go. If you have stereo audio on a stereo track, only split to mono is available … which is obviously correct.

When music mode audio is on a stereo track… covert tracks give you the option or mono or multi channel… even though split to mono is the only thing you can do. Choosing either option will cause a APP HANG or COD.

One time, I imported stereo drums that split to mono.L and .R on import to two mono tracks… this file was in music mode. When I tried to convert to stereo, I got a pop up that said it would not work because it was in music mode.

Can anyone please take a few minutes and see what is happening on their side?

I also want to add that I can NOT seem to repro this consistently. Sometimes is works.

I’m stumped

I can confirm some freezes but it’s not consistent.

Another factor I’m seeing…

When importing audio from media bay… if “audition in context” is activated … audio will import with music mode on by default.

Coverting these files is crashing every time.