BUG: 6.0.2 - False Disk Overload Playing Loop in Context


To me, this seems like a SERIOUS bug.

When playing some loops in loop browser with “Align Beats to Project” selected, the loops will break up and/or fail to play. The disk cache indicator will flicker red. This appears to be something related to the warping algorithm.

This is an intermittent repro:

  1. Open an existing project… My project was 32bit 44.1kHz
  2. Open Loop Browser
  3. Turn on: Align Beats to Project, Wait for Project Play
  4. Select a loop… the loop I selected was 16bit 44.1kHz
  5. Set the cursor somewhere in the project
  6. Press Play


Project plays. Disk cache usage meter goes to 100% (red). The loop appears to play (the cursor in the loop browser moves) but there is no looped audio. The second time the loop plays, it plays about 50% and then starts to break up/distort and the disk meter goes to 100%.

Disk is healthy, 1TB WD Caviar Black. Far more complex projects play many, many channels of audio off this HDD with no errors.

Loop plays fine not in context of project when I turn both “align beats to project” and “wait for project play” off. So this appears to be some sort of warping algorithm problem.

Hi buddy,

If you still haven’t sorted this out or anyone else is facing this problem

1: Check out if you’ve disabled your “write caching on the disk” by right clicking on my computer > Device Manager > Disk drives > right click your hard drives > properties > policies > and Enable write caching on the disk

I had disabled this after following the “optimizing your xp to your daw” but had to enable it again because my Disk Cache Memory was going crazy for some reason.

2: Disable your internet connection while working on your project.

Hope that helps…C6 is quite a bugger on XP blehh