[BUG] 8.0.20 ARA2 plugin state not saved in Samplitude

Tested on same Win10 machine with latest Samplitude ProX6 build 21610 :

  • with SL 8.0.10 plugin state is saved properly, I can make an edit like erase frequencies and just save Samplitude session without rendering the plugin. Next time I open the session SL shows the edit in ARA plugin.
  • with SL 8.0.20 plugin state is not saved anymore. Strange things is Reaper saves plugin state with 8.0.20.

I think the bug comes from this new build from Spectralayers.

SL 8.0.20 use the latest ARA SDK, as opposed to SL 8.0.10 which was using an old version. I’ll check with Magix to see what version they use.

Thanks Robin for this quick reply. Waiting for feedbacks…

Solved with latest update from Samplitude X6 build 22019 !! thanks Robin for forwarding the problem to Magix.

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