[BUG] 8.2.10 - Inconsistant behavior creating regions in Sample Editor

Annoying bug that adds a lot of time when making regions in the Sample Editor:

When you create a region within a file in the Sample Editor (Command+R, or hitting the “Add Region” button) the new region’s name is supposed to be highlighted so that you can immediately name that region. And at first this works as expected. But after creating regions in a file for awhile, the name in a newly created region does not stay highlighted, but immediately goes to being named the default as soon as you create it — “Region 17” for example. This causes you to have to mouse over to the region list on the sidebar and double click the region to rename it, disrupting the flow. This behavior is inconsistent. It comes and it goes constantly over a short period of time.

Sometimes closing the file and opening another one, then returning to the file clears the problem, sometimes it doesn’t. Then it comes back again.

Nuendo 8.2.10
Mac 10.13.5
Desktop Mac Pro