[BUG 9.5] Lower zone mixer inserts GUI glitch

In 9.5 lower zone mixer inserts get glitchy- the area becomes much narrower than the actual mixer channel width.
Havent found a solution how to restore them.


What happens if you try to Zoom In/Out in the Lower Zone MixConsole? Is it recalculated?

You could try in Safe Start Mode or trash Cubase preferences.

Hey Martin

Zoming in/out doesnt help.

A restart of Cubase usually does

Its a glitch that apears all of a sudden when reopening the inser area of lower zone mixer.

Tried to trash the prefrences but it appears again at some point.

Also I think there was a mention of this glitch in one of the larger topics when 9.5 eas launched, but i cannot find it.


Ah found it here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=253&t=127154