Bug: activate the caret with or without 'lock duration'

When I will enter the caret in an new empty measure with ‘Lock Duration’ on the last note from the previous measure is changed. This is also the same when selecting an measure with ‘Lock Duration’ on.

Enter the caret in an new empty measure with ‘Lock Duration’ off works good. See image’s for what is happen:

With lock duration OFF the last note is an E (correct):

With lock duration ON (not in the image visible, after clicking it is off) the last note is changed to an D

I’m not quite sure I follow your description here. If you don’t want to repitch the existing music, you should switch off Lock Duration before you type the first note.

When I am repitching music I’m in ‘edit’ modus. If Lock Duration is on and I will select notes or I will add some new notes (activate caret) I have to set Lock Duration off first. When I forget this notes are changing. Lock Off shortcut will only work when the caret is activated.

I’ve add 2 GIFS to illustrate something.

The same thing happens to me as well.

Ah, I think I see what you mean. If Lock Duration is on, then mouse input will repitch the note you click on, even if it’s the first note you click on. I would suggest you switch Lock Duration off before you restart note input. (I believe there is a problem whereby sometimes the state of the Lock Duration button is not always shown correctly in the toolbox, so it may not appear that it’s on until the caret appears, which we will try to fix in due course.)

Can you consider making this optional?
I use Lock duration a lot, but I never edit pitch with the mouse. It would be really nice to be able to select and copy in new passages of music without exiting and re-entering Lock duration mode.

If you never edit pitch with the mouse, consider switching on the selection tool (the arrow at the bottom of the note input toolbox) that prevents mouse input, including changing the pitch of notes when Lock Durations is activated.

Thank you!! That’s actually what I have been doing, but I also thought the mouse behavior was a bug, and I didn’t quite understand the function of the selection tool.