Bug: Adding/Removing/Moving Clip Effect during playback causes playback to jump to start of montage

Hi there! macOS 10.15.7, WaveLab Pro 10.0.7. Have not tested on Windows yet.

During playback in the Montage, making any change to a clip’s Effects (Adding, removing, or moving a plugin to a new slot) causes playback to jump to the start of the montage.

I have not noticed this in previous versions.


Interesting. I just opened up an existing montage, hit play, and then started removing, adding, and rearranging clip FX and while there can be a brief moment of silence, the playback always kept on playing and never jumped back to the start of the montage.

I have seen something similar in the past that was quickly resolved but I was if this is somehow related your specific audio device, or to a specific plugin.

I tried it with a pretty large “in the box” session with a variety of plugins loaded.

Man! So I just started from a blank montage, rather than one of my templates, and wasn’t able to recreate the problem. I’ll do a little more investigating and see what I can come up with. Thanks JP!

Strange but interesting!