BUG: After imprinting and then casting, layer deletes after undo

When you imprint/cast and casting is done and you hit undo(to do a quick comparison), it (for some weird reason) deletes the layer.

Was anyone able to reproduce this bug? By the inactive posts, and the number of small responses on this forum it doesn’t give me the incentive to report more bugs nor suggest quality improvements nor new feature suggestions.

Maybe you’d have better luck on the Gearslutz forum.

I am not sure what other forums Robin Lobel checks, but he responds to most reports such as yours here on this forum. Maybe once or twice a week. So I would keep reporting things here.

If I were a developer, I’d have to see at least a half-dozen posts from different people reporting the same problem before I decided to investigate, as with the problem with stem separation. It wouldn’t be a matter of being unresponsive generally.

Ooohhhh okay, Wow! I just thought with the whole forum improvements change and now that the forums is mobile friendly (meaning now you can receive notifications every time someone replies to your posts… For example me replying to you right now) the support would’ve improved as well. It just seems kind of weird and pointless to improve all these features in the forum (for better support) and now have active notifications for posts only for it to be a ghost town/inactive.

What was the point of improving the forums in the first place? Was it to encourage more engagement and more support or to discourage users?

Good questions! For me, it will take a while to get used to the formating that they are using now.

Yes. I was able to easily reproduce this. I put one sound file in SL7 as a layer. Put a different one in, as a separate layer. “Cast” the 2nd file on to the first. Which then gives me the expected outcome. Then I hit ‘Undo’ and the 2nd layer disappears. I would have expected just the casting process to revert, not the whole layer to be deleted.

Hopefully, Robin will chime in on this, as it does occur. I was using SL 7 in standalone mode.

Great, hopefully the developer takes the initiative to fix the bug. I’m still a little hesitant on posting more on these forums (because of the lack of engagement here), but I’ll observe and see what happens from here and that’ll determine my interactions with these forums.

I am not a big fan of Steinberg products as a whole but I really really like “Spectralayers” and it is my favorite spectral editor out of all of them(Izotope and the rest of the competition) and it has some serious potential. The fact that the main developer actually visualizes individual “Time over Frequency”(Sounds) as “layers” shows me that he sees far beyond just a typical “spectral editor” and sees different layers of sounds and thats exactly how I envision and see sounds as well.

Between other products which I won’t mention here (and even legacy “spectral editors”) and Izoptope products, Spectralayers has it all together and it has so much potential and I would like to suggest more features that can improve it significantly and turn it into a full blown “Source separation” editor.

I see why Steinberg rushed to purchase/buy “Spectralayers” because (just like me) they saw the potential, so (even though, like I said! I’m not a huge fan of their products) I dont blame “Steinberg” from Acquiring/incorporating “Spectralayers” into their company.

Thanks for reporting the issue, it’ll be fixed in an upcoming update.
I try to read and reply to every posts here but I generally do this in batch once a week or so.