Bug? After slice and quantise, dissolve to part crashes C6

This happens in when editing a single track ie not in group edit mode.

Create hitpoints at the appropriate positions, create slices.
Using quantize panel, quantize and do crossfades
This creates an audio event for the entire track
If I need to do other edits in a certain slice, I have to dissolve audio to parts

It happens on long sections, short 12 bar sections are fine. To be honest, I’m not really going to spend time trying to find out where the tipping point is…

This causes a serious error. If I cancel the warning, the audio for that section disappears

I have found the same issue here, only with dissolving the midi-part

After I have dissolved a MIDI-track, everything seems ok, but as soon as I want to perform any action (save, doubleclick the dissolved part, or whatever action) Cubase crashes…

I updated my version, hoping it was solved, but it did not resolve the problem.
Running Cubase 6.0.7 on Mac OSX Lion… Only VSTi I use is EZ-Drummer, no other plugins loaded…