Bug? Allowing "notation and tab" in player with multiple instruments loses instrument change labels

I have two players that are switching multiple instruments. One of the player is just percussion and the instrument change labels are correctly showing up in their part. The other player is multiple percussion and a fretted instrument. When I have his part set to show notation only in the fretted instrument section, the instrument change labels are there, but when I switch it to “notation and tablature” then all instrument change labels disappear in his part.

This isn’t so much a bug as a known limitation of the current functionality - Dorico can’t handle instrument changes between tablature and other sorts of staff (although you can change from one tab or notation+tab instrument to another). One alternative way of getting a similar layout may be to use two separate players in the same part, together with Hide Empty Staves.

This is happening even when switching between two percussion instruments that are not using tab, not just the parts that are displaying tab. It seems to me that the limitation is that tab is tied to a layout option where it seems like it’d be better to be something that could be made visible within a layout at different times-almost like how you can add a stave above or below a part when needed. Obviously, this is only my opinion, as I was hoping to only show tab for one specific section of a piece.

Instrument changes should be OK with percussion, unless I’m misunderstanding. If you want to post a short example project I’m happy to take a look (though probably not til the morning)

Ah, sorry, I think I see what you mean now - you mean the presence of an instrument with tab is stopping instrument changes from working even in the bits of the score where the tab isn’t involved? Yes, I’m afraid that will be true. Once you have a player with both a fretted and non-fretted instrument then all instrument changes for that player will be disabled.

Yes, exactly.

So I need to find a workaround for this. I am just using text entry to manually write in instrument changes in to the part, but the text is showing up in the full score.

How do I make it so text only shows up in a part and not full score? Thanks!

There’s a Hide property for text which can be set locally, so you can switch to the layout in which you want the text to be hidden, select it, and activate the Hide property. Make sure that Set local properties is set to Locally in the Properties panel toolbar.