Bug? Alt-click not working for notes above staff

This seems to be a bug.

I have the downbow selected. I’m using alt-click (WHICH IS SO COOL AND I JUST DISCOVERED) to copy it to other parts.

But I can’t copy it to the part below it - the C above the staff. When I move the note any lower than C (B or lower), alt-click now works fine.

PS - any chance Alt-click could “load” the pointer with the intended object, like it does for selecting playing techniques from the right side?

Dan, when you Alt-click, do not aim for the note, aim to the staff (somewhere at the middle) then it will paste no problem…

Ah. Thanks.

Still, not the best or most intuitive behavior, I think. To select a note, user always clicks on the notehead, not the staff. At least this is how I think it should work.


I’m not in front of Dorico at the moment, but I believe you can set the mouse to load an item and just use a regular click if you need to input an item several times in a row. It should be listed under Preferences, General if I recall.

I believe an alternate way to achieve what you’re looking for is to just use the down arrow and invoke the key command.

I’m aware of those options, thanks. I typically just use my stream deck, which is much faster.

I also remember reading on the forum that once you copy an articulation to one note, you can then select any number of additional notes and paste all of those in at one time, which could be a pretty big timesaver.

Yes, I do that as well, especially to copy a bowing from the first string to all the strings below it.