BUG: altering clip gain results in maximum volume

Sometimes when selecting several clips where some are at ‘normal’ levels and some are at maximum negative, and then using a key command to increase or decrease level (“increment event volume”) the clips with some level get maxed out.

In this first screenshot you can see several clips selected. The top one has a volume of -60. The bottom one is +6:

The next screenshot shows the result of either applying an increase or decrease of 1dB using the key command:

As you can see one of the two clips with ‘normal’ level gets pegged to peak. And it isn’t just the level being set to maximum gain, i.e. +24, it is instead the audio within the file maxing out.

The only common denominator I’ve found so far is that it only happens when including a clip that has level at -60, and these are tracks from an AAF import.

If I take the clips at -60 and apply -1dB using a key command the level remains at -60 on that clip, but the behavior stops.

I’ve had this happen a few times and fortunately I’ve caught it most of the time, but I just blasted what you see in that screenshot through my center speaker… :frowning:

Nobody has seen this ever? It’s hard to fathom.

Thankfully my speakers have some sort of overload protection. Wish my ears did though…

And then:

If I upload an AAF will anyone check this to see if it happens you your system as well?

Out of curiosity (always trying to learn more), what is the purpose of having clips at -60 when you could just mute them?

I tried to create the same issue on my setup (Mac mini Mojave N12) and could not make it happen. Sent me an AAF and I’ll test it later today.

it hapened to me a few times from aaf imports.

These are clips coming from AAFs. So not my decision to set them to -60.

I’ll see if I can get one out today. Have to make sure it contains the error while not sending you content I’m not allowed to share… :frowning:

Next time you see it can you let me know? Perhaps we can at least take a look at whatever data we can from those AAFs to see if something is common to them but different to AAFs where it’s working correctly.

no problem

Yes, it used to happen all the time when editing clips imported from aaf on N7 (and it did blast my ears randomly…); never saw this happen since switching to N11