bug always on top

the bx digital from UAD platform has a bug that it will not keep on TOP in cubase but instead gets a milisecond on top and then goes to the latest z-index. The rest of the UAD plugins doesn’t have that problem.

I had several of these problems in the past with other cubase third party plugins (at a previous installation) when opening instruments which instantly moved to the back. But these didn’t have the continues problem of clicking the “e” and still go to the back. Instead, these came back up, so it could have something to do with my videocard maybe. But I couldnt figure out why only bx digital had this problem. Maybe a GPU layer design different then basic uad designs? Since it probably is bridged for vst differently?

I went to the cubase_64 folder inside the roaming folder and renamed it. Didn’t work.

Only 1 sollution is to put cubase on the background and let it pop back up. That way the coding makes the z-index order is reorder itself correctly.

also, it seems to only happen after a few weeks of working with cubase. So it might be a wrongly coded loop.