Bug and Feature Request regarding Notehead Display in Write Mode

First, a small bug. When I’m in this mode
changing the note duration using a shortcut key doesn’t change the grey notehead until the cursor is moved. So if I’ve switched from a crotchet to a minim (i.e. black to white) or the other way round, the grey notehead will still show a black note even though what will actually be entered when clicking is the minim.

And a feature request: Like Finale, it would be better to display not just the notehead in grey, but an entire note. That way I can see at a glance – without having to double check in the note-entry panel – whether I’ll be entering a quaver or semiquaver, etc. Currently, the notehead only tells you whether you’ll be entering a black note or a white note.


We’re unlikely to change the behaviour of the shadow note when changing the duration: if you’re using mouse input, you will typically move the pointer immediately in any case. If you’re really using mouse input, chances are you also clicked the note value in the left panel, in which case you will definitely have moved the mouse pointer before the shadow note is drawn. And if you’re not clicking the note value with the mouse, I would suggest that you should go the whole hog and specify the pitch by typing a key as well as specifying the duration by typing a key!

We don’t have any plans to show a complete note rather than just a notehead at the moment, but I would never say never.