Bug: apostrophe in instrument name makes dialog unable to close


I was trying to use Dutch instrument names, such as bastuba’s for bass tubas, but when I’m using an apostrophe I can’t close the “Edit Instrument Names” dialog (in Setup mode) anymore. The OK button as well as the cancel button is clickable, but doesn’t respond as they should.

I have to explain this further: I’m using an US International keyboard layout on macOS, and it occurs only when typing an apostrophe. I guess the application can’t handle correctly the behaviour when typing diacritic letters using such an keyboard layout, i.e. when you want to type ‘é’. In such case two keystrokes are required, the apostrophe and the letter ‘e’. Dorico shows incorrectly an apostrophe after entering the first keystroke, letting me think I’m already done. In fact I had to use the space keystroke, but because the application is already showing an apostrophe when it shouldn’t (compared to other applications), it’s very difficult to notice what’s going on.

It seems this is a bug, could you please confirm this?

Are you pressing “alt+e > e” ? I use special characters left and right no problem on Mac OS since that is built right into the Mac platform, regardless of program.

No, I’m using for years now this method: https://www.macworld.com/article/1147039/os-x/accentinput.html

´ = ’ (apostrophe) and then a letter; for example, 'e gives you é
= (grave accent, or tick mark) and then a letter; for example `o gives you ò
¨ = " (quotation mark) and then a letter; for example, "u gives you ü
ˆ = ^ (caret) and then a letter; for example, ^a gives you â
˜ = ~ (tilde) and then a letter; for example, ~n gives you ñ

It’s this method that’s causing trouble. When I’d like to type bastuba’s I don’t want any diacritics, just the apostrophe itself. It’s just that Dorico, unlike any other macOS application I use, seems to interpret this character a bit differently.

It shouldn’t display the apostrophe directly after entering the apostrophe keystroke, instead it should wait until I press (in this case) the space bar. That’s how other macOS applications work and that’s how I expect to Dorico would also work.

I have a feeling this is a Qt limitation, and anything that Steinberg do isn’t go to fix this until Qt fix their end. Don’t quote me on this…

I’ve just been trying this out myself and I don’t have this problem: if you have typed the apostrophe, you must press Space, as that MacWorld article says, to “complete” the character you’re typing, but thereafter you should certainly be able to click OK. I definitely can!

Exactly, you must press Space. If you do, nothing’s wrong. But Dorico shouldn’t display an apostrophe right away after the first keystroke. If you don’t press the spacebar an apostrophe is shown including the inability to close the window.

I’ve tried a dozen applications on macOS yesterday night and the only application that’s having different behaviour is Dorico. Every other application “waits” for the second stroke before showing the apostroph.

That’s not what I experience. E.g. with TextEdit, Apple’s own built-in text editor, the apostrophe appears right away. Anyway, this isn’t something we’ll be likely to change: I’m afraid you’ll need to get used to hitting Space. I hope this doesn’t inconvenience you too greatly.

Daniel, I stand corrected: I have to agree with you the apostrophe appears (should have phrased it more accurately).

Still, I consider this more than an inconvenience, because the window can’t be closed when typing an apostrophe without hitting the space bar. I can close the TextEdit, Notes, Reminders, Calendar app when trying to reproducing this.

I almost quit the Dorico app out of frustration (remember, it’s a modal dialog, so the whole app literally isn’t responding anymore), losing any work (again, it’s a modal dialog, so you can’t save anything). Now I know I’m forced to apply a workaround, I guess that’s that.

I don’t mean to sound frustrated, but losing an hour’s work because of this makes me straight mad.

Yes, I understand that, and I’m sorry you lost work, but I hope that now you’re aware of what’s going on, there’s no risk of you losing any work in the future, because you know you can simply hit Space before you hit Return.

Thanks for your understanding, at least I’ve got a workaround.

I know there are far more important things to add to Dorico, compared to this (comparable) little issue. Still, the application’s behaviour in this case feels faulty at least.