[bug] ASIO Direct Monitoring

Win7Prof x64, C7.0.1, RME HDSP Digiface latest driver

  1. set up the VST Connections:
    a) one stereo input <- physical IO
    b) main output - not connected
    c) control room on:
    c1) one monitor out -> physical IO

  2. switch ASIO direct monitoring on in preferences

  3. create a new empty project
    a) create a new audio track; Input from stereo input 1a)
    b) switch monitor on

adjust the control room signal level to 0.0 (double click on the fader, enter 0.0)
the hardware signal level does not correspond to the control room monitor signal level (here, it shows -0.9)

I am using a RME HDSP Digiface, latest drivers. I checked Cubase 6.5.4 and there the hardware signal level corresponds exactly to the control room monitor signal level.

Confirmed with RME FF 800 (driver 3.070)
and RME FF UFX (USB driver 1.025)
Works OK in C 5.1.1 and C 6.5.4