[BUG?] Audio Connections

If I open a project in N10.1.0, check that the Input and Output settings are correctly loaded in Studio/Audio Connections, and then save the project; when the project is opened in N8.1.10 the Input & Output settings are not loaded. If I then load the correct Input and Output presets and save the project in N8.1.10, when I open the project in N10.1.0 again the Input and Output setting are no longer loaded! - and so on, round and round.

N10 and N8 are both auto-loading the same project when they are launched.

Note: Similar posted in N8.

This also happens when transferring projects between N8 and N7, with or without Nuendo auto-loading a project.

Has it always been like this when moving projects between Nuendo versions?

My I/O settings never change between projects or Niendo versions so why do they have to be reinstalled every time?