Bug? Audio Track, Split Event, Then Activate Lanes

Is this a ‘bug’ or part of the new Lanes behaviour I don’t get (I went from 6.0 to 7)

Audio track with say 10 lanes. Last lane is active, of course. Lanes are OFF.

  1. Split event

  2. Reveal lanes.

At the point immediately to the right of where the split occurs the last lane is no longer sounding. In fact, the events on ALL 10 lanes are grayed out.

However, lane #1 is visible as the topmost lane in Arranger. But again, it’s grayed out.


Shouldn’t it ‘remember’ that lane #10 is still ‘active’?

Worse: When I hit Undo, the proper visual is restored (ie. lane #10 shows and is properly coloured) BUT the audio after the undone split is still silent. IOW: the Undo is broken.

So… I Revert back to the last saved version and repeat but first Show Lanes and then Split lane #10 directly.

Works fine.

This implies that I have to remember to Show Lanes and always split the lane when editing. Which sucks.

Anyone else?