[BUG] Audio Warp Broken

Hi everyone!

I’ve searched the database and seen this is an issue that has gone on for a while, but still no resolution - Cubase 6.5.5, Mac 10.8.2.

When recording an audio track and using free warp for time correction, the flattened or exported audio never lines up with the original warped audio file. The first note/transient lines up but it seems to slip in and out of time.

I’ve tried every algorithm - “Standard - Solo” and “Standard - Drums” produce the closest matches, but they’re still out of sync. This is incredibly frustrating because it defeats the point of warping the audio in the first place.

I’ve attached two images - one showing the first transient, and another showing transients that should line up a few bars later, but clearly don’t - the deviance is almost a full 16th note.

First transient looks like this:

Subsequent transients look like this:

To duplicate this result:

  • Record mono (or stereo) audio file
  • Generate Hitpoints (this step is not necessary)
  • Activate the Audio Warp tool in Free Warp mode and proceed to warp notes (snap can be on or off)
  • Duplicate the track and flatten (using any algorithm), perform a mixdown (mono or stereo) with the warped audio solo’d and import onto a new track, and perform a channel batch export selecting the warped audio, importing it onto a new track as well.
  • Zoom in to the audio files and take note of the position of the initial transient/first note
  • Scroll through the audio to a transient further along - take note of the deviance between the original warped audio and the flattened/bounced audio.

From what I’ve seen (as per the screen shots), the audio bounce produces even worse results than the flatten operation.

STEINBERG: it would be greatly appreciated if you could fix this bug soon. Making it available in version 6.5 on Mac would be awesome, too.