BUG - Auto backup and dropbox problem

When a project is saved in a synced dropbox folder, the proces of renaming files as the auto backup does, causes dropbox to delete the project file. Only the backup files remain.
The current solutions are to either turn off auto backup, or to not save the project in synced dropbox folders.
A software solution could be to slow down the renaming process so that dropbox doesn’t remove the project file because it thinks it was the file that was just renamed a ms ago.
I haven’t seen the problem in earlier versions than Cubase 10, but then again, I only began saving into dropbox folders a week ago, and quickly stopped after seeing the problem on 3 different projects - so the problem may have existed in earlier versions too.


It’s not officially supported to store the project directly to any cloud drive (Dropbox, iCloud, or similar) while working with the project.

Okay. But it would be nice if it worked. It will be more and more common to do so.
So see it as a feature request then :wink:

This was also a problem with earlier versions of Cubase.
I have used a file sync program that copies from/to project folder and Dropbox folder when I hit a hotkey.
That works, and you always have backup that way.

Hmm… interesting…I use Dropbox syncing a Windows 10 machine and a mac and do not have this issue with autobackups at all. It works perfectly for me without deletions.

Could you give any more details and I will try to recreate the issue?

I ask myself why to use AutoBackup. In a worst case scenario I can restore a project from the newest backup file, yes. But not the actions since the “newest” backup was created.
Or go back to an older version? MixerHistory, since 10 Snapshots or simply create a new preset for the xyz VST. Using “Save as new version” is always a good decision.

So I switched off Autobackup some years ago and hit cmd-s from time to time. No need to delete backup files.

I’m working directly into my Dropbox since a couple of years without any problems. In some cases I’ve myself created a problem and have to start from an older “branch”. For this situations I use the history of Dropbox.