[BUG] Automatically added articulations in chord mode

Hello Steinberg-Team,
since I went away from Sibelius, I more and more like to use your program which solves many problems out-of-the-box. But now I have a problem with a piece that is full of different articulations. Often when I press [escape] during note input with switched-on articulations in chord mode (!) the articulations remain in memory and when I input notes into the same staff at other positions the old articulation is set on all new notes without enabling any articulation. I’ve tried all things I can think off but I can’t stop them from not appear upon a note. I don’t think I had something similar in the last version of the program.
I attach an example. The problem is at the beginning of the second bar. If I remove the accent from the first note there (f) then the effect has gone.
I don’t know if my dorico file is broken or if a setting is responsible or if it’s simply a bug. Help is very appreciated.
Hope you can understand my non-native english.
test.zip (1.15 MB)

Actually after further testing it seems that a following note with articulation causes the effect even if there are many empty bars in between.

Is this definitely related to chord mode, or is it just a difference between Sibelius and Dorico?
In both Sibelius and Dorico, articulations marks are sticky until you leave input mode.

In Sibelius, the act of using the arrow keys automatically exits input mode, and anything “sticky” becomes unstuck. Look out for how the caret disappears when I use the right arrow to navigate through the rests

In Dorico, the act of using the arrow keys doesn’t push you out of input mode, so the “sticky” articulation mark remains “stuck”. You have to turn it off manually (using the icon or the keyboard shortcut) before you add the next note.

Hello pianoleo, thx for your quick reply. As you can see in the following picture the articulation in chord mode is taken from the note in the 4th bar although none of the articulations is switched on:

Ah! Yes, I see what you mean, and I can reproduce it here. How very odd - it does indeed look like a bug, though not one I’ve seen before.

This is indeed a bug, and one that has been in the program for a long time. It only affects chord input, i.e. only if you have chord mode on. Strangely enough we discovered this bug for ourselves a few days ago and we have fixed it in our internal builds, so it won’t trouble you in future versions of the software.