BUG (?)- Automation Trim in Preview

Before I request this as a feature change, can you confirm that this appears to be a bug?

The function of “trim” should be to offset any currently written automation by whatever amount you change the fader position. This should be regardless of what else is happening.

However, if we set the automation state to “Preview” this appears to no longer work correctly. The problems are two:

  1. When moving the fader in touch-trim no change is heard in the audio playing back. The expected behavior would be for existing automation to play back as written with the offset created by “trim”.

  2. Trim only engages when you initiate the punch manually. But then it engages at the point you initiated the punch and will continue until punch-out. If you select to “fill loop” the following can happen:

a - you start playback of a loop
b - you begin to write in touch-trim in the middle of that loop
c - you hear no changes even when it repeats from the start again
d - press “punch” manually around the middle again
e - trim automation is now triggered from that point until you either loop back or release the fader

Another way to describe it is that for some reason touch-trim requires a “punch” before it starts writing correctly, and unfortunately punches out automatically if you release the fader. In touch or latch mode - without trim - there is no punch-out until the required conditions are met.

Please let me know if you can;

  • confirm the above
  • agree that this is not ‘correct’…



correct, same issue here.

What are you “trimming” is not audible. Not until you “punch” the trim automation do you hear what you have done.

I think this is down to there being automation or not before you trim. If there are no automation points Nuendo is (was? does this concern N11) not capable of previewing Trim automation.

No, that’s not the problem Steven.

It seems to me that the automation system works as expected as long as “trim” is not engaged, but as soon as you engage “trim” it doesn’t work in an intuitive way. Or a productive one.

In addition to the first post I would say that the automation system is either designed a bit inconsistently or it’s partially broken. I think there are ways to show it and maybe I’ll create a video at some point to show it. It’s actually slightly annoying. Most of the time it might not matter depending on how a person works, but it seems like this is something that should be relatively easy to fix, not to mention reasonable.

I know I came across that one not so long ago. I do recall that - at the time - preexisting automation, or lack thereof, was the culprit. This might be a similar issue rearing it’s ugly head.
I use Trim a lot in post, when doing reviews and changes with directors. A real problem if it’s broken again.
I’ll have a listen.

Like I wrote, it’s not about having preexisting automation or not (of course you would need that to use trim in the first place most of the time), it’s about what I described in the first post.

And there are other things as well that are ‘weird’.