Bug: Bar number change and "Used in this flow" time signature

If you have a bar number change at the first point a bar number is used in a flow, if you subsequently use the “Used in this flow” section of the time signature panel with the same time signature, it… also inserts the bar number change.

bnc.dorico (386.5 KB)

I’m not sure of the reasoning behind this, but time signatures, bar numbers and barlines are all the same object type (if you select all and filter for time signatures you’ll notice barlines and bar numbers stay selected). So the bar number change must be attached to the time signature. The only way around this is to type it manually (and I assume at that point you’ll have a second instance of 3/4 in the time signature panel without a bar number change you can click on instead, but I haven’t tested that).

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It would certainly seem this is unintended behavior. (At least, undesirable.)


I agree!