bug: beat designer stretches midifiles and destroys projects

there is a bug: when i use the beatdesigner in a project, the next time i start cubase 6, all midifiles are stretched up to 10 minutes. Every normal 4 beat loop has 10 minutes the next time i open the project, there is no way to rearrange it by timestretch properly.
The projects are totally lost!
What be done to solve the issue?

I’m on w7 ultimate 64bit
Cubase 6.05 64bit
Problem exists since 6.00

beatdesigner bug.jpg

Been using beat designer occasionally without problems, can you give a step by step description of how you get this behavior?
Does this always happen with BD or do you have projects where it works as expected?


I uninstalled cubase 6, deleted all folders and installed the 32bit version. Right now beatdesigner works flawless and doesn’t corrupt projects. Maybe i will should try to install the 64bit version again too.