Bug beim exportieren.

A problem I often find popping up with my Artist 6.5 occurs when I export something twice.
I use the programme mostly to record and cut my voice, so there´s nothing fancy or complicated happening It´s just several mono tracks that I export individually for an online magazine.
So…presuming I´ve cut the track and export it…then I go back and maybe change the eq slightly, or push the master a bit more…or whatever…and because of the change export it again, overwriting the old version.

I then listen through the recording and QUITE often at the very end…the last word or so is repeated after a craking noise is heard. I would love to include an example…but I don´t think this forum allows for that. Does anyone else have the same problem? I even know of it using older Cubase versions (my old version was elements) so, this one hasn´t got better. If Steinberg don´t know of the bug…then I would like to report it this way.

Of course, I am now trying to get into the habit of never overwriting änything nowadays and yes…I could just give it a new name, but my customers don´t need to know that the file is called “burdened-01.mp3” or whatever, “burdened.mp3” would do.