Bug: Bounce Selection does NOTHING when lanes are showing

Quick Description: When doing multilane recording, selecting all events on a track and choosing Bounce Selection does nothing at all.

Scenario: Record a bunch of vocal takes. Slice it up and use the new comping workflow to select the best takes for each vocal phrase (lanes view on). Select all of the events on the track and choose Audio->Bounce Selection and nothing at all happens. Switch off lanes view and try again–it works?


  1. Put Cubase in loop record (not necessary but makes it easier to record multiple takes)
  2. Insert Mono Audio Track
  3. Arm track
  4. Create a range to loop record in
  5. Hit record and sing a few takes
  6. Slice up the takes
  7. Use comping feature to select the best parts to make your perfect take (note you are in lanes view)
  8. Right click the track strip and choose “Select all events”
  9. From Audio menu, choose Bounce Selection

Result: Nothing at all

10. Turn off lanes view while all events are still selected
11. From Audio menu, choose Bounce Selection again

Result: It works when lanes view is turned off

I can provide the project if someone in Steinberg can’t repro.

Have the same issue here, sucks!

It may have already been dealt with in the next update when they fixed this:


…or possibly not. We shall see.


Not fixed in 6.0.1!

+1 :frowning:

It seems to me that bounce selection is MOST useful when comping–so not working when lanes are visible is a really odd miss for the test team.


This happened to me yesterday and I didn’t know wth was going on.


please fix!

Bump! :confused:

Is there a bug on this yet? I didn’t see one.

You need to use Delete Overlaps once you have a comp finished to get a new file of it.

Not fixed in 6.0.2 either! Had this last night and thought I’d done something wrong, so resorted to Export.

There’s something odd going on with lanes - it’s as if Cubase isn’t recognising them properly, or even at all, as tracks. Have a look at this post re dragging events to another lane creating a new track instead: