[BUG] Bouncing MIDI and Key Editor

If this has already been found and reported then I apologize.

  1. Select a MIDI track with an Event on it.
  2. Open the Event in the Key Editor.
  3. Highlight a handful of notes.
  4. Hit your key command for “Bounce MIDI.”
  5. Crash? (At least this happens with me).

It seems to work fine in the Project Window, but not in the Key Editor.



I’ve had a colleague using Cubase 6 trial version able to recreate this bug. Unfortunately, since he’s running the trial version he can’t post on this forum about his recreation. So it’d be nice if someone can try this out so Steinberg can note it as a bug.


My previous commentary was flawed. :blush:

A review of the manual indicates that Bounce MIDI is for combining MIDI parts on several lanes to a single MIDI part. Essentially Bounce MIDI reassembles MIDI parts that were Dissolved.

So although selecting notes in the Key Editor, then using the key command for Bounce MIDI causes C6 to crash, it may be because this procedure is illogical.

Reassembling dissolved MIDI parts on lanes to one MIDI part works fines when using Bounce MIDI.

The way I understand bounce is from track to track, like the old tape bouncing, which I would only apply from the Project page (old habits). However it should not really crash the program but ideally throw out a dialog warning “not possible from within the editor” or somesuch.
Maybe not a bug as such but an old throwback design flaw. Maybe more ditching of old tape analogies would be in order for the next design stage.

You’re right!
Bounce MIDI is for reassembling MIDI parts on several lanes as a result of being dissolved. Selecting these parts in the Project page, then using a key command for Bounce MIDI reassembles them as it should.

So this is not a bug! Following the initial posters steps does indeed cause a crash, but then again, it’s because Bounce MIDI is being used in a way not intended which I now understand.

Once again, I need to RTFM before making commentary.

I disagree with this statement. Whether or not a function is meant to do something or not, it should not crash the entire program. I, being the OP, found this bug because I went to hit a key command next to my key command for “Bounce MIDI” which triggered the crash. There are plenty of other key commands that one might accidentally strike when trying to do something that do not result in a crash–such as forgetting an unusual key command. So my opinion of this being a bug still stands.

I agree that in any case it shouldn’t crash Cubase and - as Conman has suggested - should display “not possible from within the editor”. That being said, implementing this function in order to glue together midi events would be cool, too… that’s what you can do in Logic for example, you select some notes and glue them together just with a key-command. The way it is now you have to change to the glue tool in order to do this.

However, in C 6.01 Bounce MIDI doesn’t work perfectly in its intended way either: if you select two muted parts in the project window and apply Bounce MIDI then Cubase crashes, too.

Can anybody confirm please?

Concerning my previous post: I’ve just read in the manual that Bounce MIDI will remove any muted parts, I didn’t know that… so it’s certainly not intended to try to bounce two muted parts together, I have to admit. But still, it shouldn’t crash Cubase when you try. I probably thought of Bounce MIDI more like a substitute for the glue tube tool which in reality it isn’t. My misunderstanding.

Aloha b,

At this point (for me) the ‘Bounce MIDI’ command is grey’d out.


I can confirm the crash here (happens in Cubase 5.5 too).
Even a warning “beep” would be acceptable (as happens elsewhere).
Btw, this bounces only Lanes (on the same MIDI track). It does not bounce Parts on different tracks (you’d use “Merge MIDI in Loop” for that)

Here’s another peep for a “beep”.

Agreed that a user misstep should not crash the program.


Any chance we can get this one mended? Not only does this bug still occur in the Key Editor in 6.0.3, but I recently experienced it with muted MIDI events in the Project window. In more detail: if there are two muted MIDI events you would like to merge into one using “bounce MIDI,” it crashes Cubase.

This is still a dang bug in 6.0.5. I’m curious why this cannot be fixed? I don’t like that I have to “walk on egg shells” around my keyboard because I’m afraid I’m going to accidentally hit a key-command that is going to trigger a crash.