Bug: Breathmark (Doesn't) Duplication

When using the Duplicate to Staff Above/Below functions, Breath Marks are not duplicated. As they are staff tied this is…surprising behavior at the very least.

Provided you make sure the breath mark is actually selected, you should find that it happily gets duplicated to the staff below. If you’re selecting a bar by clicking in a blank bit of the bar, it won’t be selected, but if you add it to the selection with Ctrl+click before you use the duplicate command it will be duplicated.

Why isn’t the breath mark considered part of the bar? This behavior, whatever the cause, is non-intuitive.

Yes, agreed. There’s a blanket exclusion for holds and pauses, in common with other system-attached items, but of course breath marks are not system-attached, so they could be included. I’ve already made a note of this as something for us to revisit.