Bug: C10 Realtime peaks not in C9.5

Load old demanding project in C10, Real time peaks, pops and clicks.
Load old demanding project in C9.5, Plenty of room.

Might be related to Asio guard. Set to any level. When record enabling a VST track, the real time peaks reduce, when usually the opposite happens.

Any ideas what I should look at to find what is amiss?


Do you use 64 bit float processing precision now?

No, but i tried both, same thing happened.

I have the same issue. Projects that works fine with CB 9.5 have now pops and clicks with CB10. In the moment it is not possible for me to use CB10 as I did with CB9.5. I dont see Performace issues in the meter, but the clicks and pops are there with CB10.


What hardware and OS are you running?

I have an i7-2600k, Steinberg csx 816 (firewire).
No change in hardware only CB9.5 to CB10 and Update to groove agent 5(some days before CB10)
Does CB10 needs more CPU or grafic ‚power‘ than 9.5?
I know that my CPU is an old one, but before CB10 everything works fine.

…and it‘s windows 10.


Cubase definitely needs more CPU/graphic power when using with HDPi. Much more pixels have to be drawn.

its my problem to… theres any solution ? i just using one track to take vokal but make real time peak and click sound.
steinberg ur22 mkii,win10

Graphics might be the issue but it doesn’t explain ASIO guard working in reverse. I’m getting peaks on the meter, real time ones, it’s related to VST’s, under the hood routing latency or something like that.

some news about my issues with CB10 (pops and clicks).
I chanced to a new Computer (i9-9900k, GC: RX2080Ti).
After I had installed all of my Steinberg software and installed a new firewire card for my MR816csx there were still pops and clicks.
That was very frustrating.
But after some changes in BIOS (C-state ‘off’ and speedstep 'off) and the ‘other things’ you should do in a DAW setup, CB10 now is running very good.

Is there any current resolution to this issue? I am getting pops and clicks during playback in Groove Agent and Halion. My box is a monster- i7-8700 with 32G RAM on Windows 10 - any suggestions - latency maxes at 12.60 u, barely touching the RAM…