BUG ! C12 .40 key editor not updating changes visually until i use the mouse


I use the keybord shortcuts a lot when working a midi part in the Key Editor.
Everything i enter via the leyboard ( up, down, move, quantize ends … ) is not visally updated until i click something with the mouse…

This is a crazy bug, that doesn’t makes the software crash, just super annoying…

NB : i’ve just installed the latest C12 update ( .040 ) but this was also the case with the version before ( .030 )

i’m surprised that there is not mention on the topics on this forum,

Hi, could we have a quick video or gif showing this ?
I have never experienced such a bug, the key editor gets updated with every action I do.

Also you can try removing the Defaults.xml file in Appdata>Roaming>Steinberg>Cubase and see if that fixes it.

Hello, thanks.

When updating, i transfered my profile from C11
But this time i deleted the preferences afterwards because i had instability problems on very big sessions on C11 that where still happening on C12 ( i suppose it’s more plugins and / or CPU loading related… )

I’ll try to do a gif ASAP but i’m in the middle of a work rush
What would you use to make such screen capture gif ? is there any app that does it all in one ?

I also have a display bug that’s the same in C11 and C12, sometimes the windows scrooldown menus ( file, edit, projetc… ) are misplaced and with very tiny font ( a resizing / hdpi problem )
Maybe that can be related ?

I use this web based program. There is no need to install anything and at the end you can download your screen video:

ScreenApp.IO | Online Screen Recorder

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Thanks !
I don’t think i can make a gif today but i surely will !
it doesn’t show updates on the controllers either, so editing velocities & controllers is quite a nightmare…