BUG ! C12 .40 key editor not updating changes visually until i use the mouse


I use the keybord shortcuts a lot when working a midi part in the Key Editor.
Everything i enter via the leyboard ( up, down, move, quantize ends … ) is not visally updated until i click something with the mouse…

This is a crazy bug, that doesn’t makes the software crash, just super annoying…

NB : i’ve just installed the latest C12 update ( .040 ) but this was also the case with the version before ( .030 )

i’m surprised that there is not mention on the topics on this forum,

Hi, could we have a quick video or gif showing this ?
I have never experienced such a bug, the key editor gets updated with every action I do.

Also you can try removing the Defaults.xml file in Appdata>Roaming>Steinberg>Cubase and see if that fixes it.

Hello, thanks.

When updating, i transfered my profile from C11
But this time i deleted the preferences afterwards because i had instability problems on very big sessions on C11 that where still happening on C12 ( i suppose it’s more plugins and / or CPU loading related… )

I’ll try to do a gif ASAP but i’m in the middle of a work rush
What would you use to make such screen capture gif ? is there any app that does it all in one ?

I also have a display bug that’s the same in C11 and C12, sometimes the windows scrooldown menus ( file, edit, projetc… ) are misplaced and with very tiny font ( a resizing / hdpi problem )
Maybe that can be related ?

I use this web based program. There is no need to install anything and at the end you can download your screen video:

ScreenApp.IO | Online Screen Recorder

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Thanks !
I don’t think i can make a gif today but i surely will !
it doesn’t show updates on the controllers either, so editing velocities & controllers is quite a nightmare…

Hello, did you ever resolve this issue? I have a similar problem, but in Nuendo 12.
When I use the mouse/keyboard to edit an existing midi part in the key editor, my edit does not display immediately, but needs me to unselect the edit before the display updates and reflects the intended pick position or other edit. This is an annoying issue and is very time consuming. Has anyone else had this problem, in Cubase or Nuendo?
I have the latest update of Nuendo and there are no other significant problems. Thank you!