Bug: C12 deletes all exported files when encountering an "expected error" during batch export

I exported nearly 1800 events as audio files in a batch export using cycle markers in Cubase 12. Everything went well until it came to the very end. I got an error popup that there was an unexpected error, not specifying what happened or what was wrong.

When I clicked “OK,” Cubase promptly deleted ALL files it exported in the batch process, for which I waited an hour! Why in the world?!

I reran the export, this time in two batches. The first went without a hitch; the second encountered the same error at the very end. Before clicking “OK”, I copied the files from the export destination to a new folder, and as soon as I clicked “OK,” the original exported files vanished once again.

I checked the final exported files (which had presumably experienced the error), but there was nothing wrong with them.

It is worth noting that I had previously created the session and exported everything without problems in Cubase 11.

Removing all perfectly-exported files is a terrible practice because of some unspecified error. At the most, such action should be limited strictly to a file that experienced an error, not the entire batch. Please fix this, if not already fixed in C13.