[BUG] (C6 x64) Groove Agent 3 doesn't save mute status

(At least) When having the USER samples used on GA3, it always mutes the last 2 (of those 8 total) of the drum instrument sets and they have to be manually enabled every time when opening the same project. In C6 x86 it works fine, but x64-version doesn’t seem to save the GA3 status correctly. Sometimes it also sets the GA3’s master volume automatically even if I don’t have any automation in effect. With one my projects it always sets the master volume to zero when starting the playback from the beginning. I triple-checked the project for the automation changes and there are absolutely none.

ALSO the Presets don’t work in x86 nor in x64 version in GA3; When I use my own drum samples and save the preset and try to use that sample preset in other projects, nothing happens. The saved preset shows there but it won’t load the samples at all. I have to do it manually to all the old projects with every single drum sample, set up the individual volumes / pan for those etc. and it’s an ungratifying job to say the least!

ALSO GA3 seems to arbitrarily produce clicks and pops every now and then - when playing back or exporting the mixdown. It usually does that on same positions and sometimes not at all, but C6 might do it also pretty randomly. Now this is really intolerable! It sucks doing the mixdown and hoping whether it this time does it correctly or not.

Any hope for a update patch for GA3? Anyone else having similar problems??