[BUG] C9.5 shows wrong mixer channels on F3 press

I originally posted this on the Nuendo forums but so far have not got a response. I also opened a support ticket, but got no response. So, I am hoping someone might have an answer here. I run both Cubase 9.5 and Nuendo 8.2.

Switching between windows of nuendo/cubase (project / mixer) does not display the mixer correctly. I use the F3 button to open the mixer. The scroll bar at the bottom may show I am at about the half way point of the mixer channels. That is accurate. Now for the bad part. The top of the display looks like I am viewing the subs (far right). If I make changes to the mixer channel, I find that I was not adjusting the correct channel at all. If I touch the scroll bar or press F3 twice more, the correct mixer channels will be shown. It’s like Nuendo/Cubase is caching the mixer display data and not refreshing the display correctly. I sometimes see partial meters and missing elements of the mixer as well. Very strange. I figured a NVidia 1050 would be good, but now I wonder. I’ve also played with settings in the nVidia control panel but that doesn’t solve it either.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

From reading another post, I wonder if this is due to me using a 2K display? Maybe C/N does not support any higher than 1920x1080? I will run some test today.

Not sure it will solve the problem, but have you reset the window layout?

With the window in question open, go to menu:

Select the one you want to reset and hit the Reset Layout button.

I don’t think there’s a pixel limit on window size, many people run enormous sizes.

I had previously deleted all preferences and even did a reinstall, but I will give this a shot.
I thought I read somewhere that Cubase does not support 4K monitors and causes random problems. maybe my 2K monitor is a problem? Still have not had a chance to test yet, but I will soon.

I found a solution from a Nuendo forum user. This assumes you have a Nvidia graphics card. This may solve a few other problems as well’ like the display becoming unresponsive and/or frezzes.

  1. Open the Nvidia control panel
  2. Go to Set PhysX Configuration
  3. Change the processor from Auto-select to your graphics card
  4. Apply the changes

Hope this helps someone else.

well… I thought the problems were fixed, but they are back. So, this is not a solution to either the mixer being messed up or Nuendo becoming unresponsive.

Did you do what I outlined above?

You are correct. I forgot to reset the window. That cured the odd mixer window.
Thank you for restating it again. I appreciate it!

Hmmm. Five minutes later it did it again. Very odd. Also had a total lockup (freeze) a few minutes after that. Something just isn’t right.