Bug: Can’t open Edit Instrument dialog

When I try to open the Edit Instrument dialog for any instrument by tapping the button indicated in the screenshot, Dorico freezes instead.

Switching apps and returning to Dorico unfreezes the app, and if I’ve tapped elsewhere (like on the Write tab) before switching away, when I return to Dorico it behaves as if I’ve just tapped that spot (like by switching to Write mode).

What model of iPad are you currently using, and what version of iPadOS?

Oh hell, I must have been half-asleep when I wrote this to forget the environment information, sorry!

Device: iPad Air 5
OS: iPadOS 15.6.1
Dorico version:

Thanks for confirming. We know of some problems with popping up a menu from that button on the new iPad mini, but on the iPad Air it’s normally okay – though I don’t have much experience with the new fifth-gen iPad Air. If you’d be willing to give it a try, I’d be interested to know if the problem is resolved in our current beta build. Please send me a private message on the forum including your Apple ID email address, and I’ll send you an invitation to try it via TestFlight.


Thanks Daniel, I was able to open the menu and edit instrument tunings successfully with the beta build.

That’s good news. I suggest you hang on to that build until the next update is publicly released.

Hi, I’m having the same problem. I can’t rename the instruments. I had to unsubscribe because it crashes all the time. I use an iPad Pro M1 12.9" and an iPad 9 running iPadOS 16.2. Can I test it beta too?

Welcome to the forum, Paolo. Yes, send me a private message with your Apple ID email address and I’ll send you a TestFlight invitation code. The new version will be released publicly soon, alongside the next Dorico update for macOS and Windows.