{BUG} cant close the program no matter what

Nuendo is trying to load a project.
one of the VSTi is not installed anymore (philharmonik 1), but N8 insist.
I cant cancel the process and move on.
I cant close the Nuendo.
I cant close N via task manager (access denied)
I cant kill it via end process tree (access denied)/

I need to make hard restart of the computer cause of that.

I have a similar problem. At least half the time, I can close the project but cannot close Nuendo 8.1. I have to kill it via task manager.
Nuendo 8.x seems very unstable to me. I’ve had more crashes and bizarre behavior in this version than any other, and I started on Nuendo V2. I hope the next update makes this usable again. I never thought I’d say it, but I have started looking at other options. I do like Nuendo but the bugs are causing no end of grief.

I’ve seen this problem on too of our machines and solved it. It was related to either a MIDI control or Mackie Control. There are some third party tools that are not always updating drivers to keep compatibility tight unfortunately. You might want to remove all controllers one by one to narrow down if that’s your issue on close. best of luck

If the application refuses to close, then it is because there is still “a” driver that refuses to release itself upon the call to disconnect.
That being said, it can be anything …