BUG = can't copy automation from group track located on top of window.

what the hell is going on ?
track is not locked i cant copy from volume of that group track ?
not really funny i need to use that for a job.
if i take a audio track i can copy paste ok i can copy from that audio track and paste volume to group track’s volume.
but the event i have automatied on the group trac k no way i copy them …

ooh wait … there’s more: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3q438pNMATYLHY74A

Are you using the range tool to copy automation and are sure you’re pasting on to the correct destination (not locked/suspended etc?) It looks as though you’re using virgin territory too and have some nodes activated as termination nodes. You can adjust their termination status in the info line or use the automation panel to fill gaps.


i tried both mouse and range.
did more tests it’s clearly a bug. When any group track is located to the top of the editing window it’s impossible to copy from it’s automation as illustrated in this video. All other tracks located on top of window are ok. If you bring that group track lower then it works again. back to top = buged.

Confirmed. I tend to have things like marker tracks at the top of the session so haven’t seen this one before.


Sounds like a bug. Conversely, it is a very easy workaround, I would say.

yeah workaround is simple.
but lost 1h on this and got scared for a urgent work to send to tv not beeing sure bouncing this track would work and have not enough time to run verifications… that’s not what i like when i put 2000$ in a “professional” software that claims to be “the most advanced audio post-production software environment available today”. i have way to much problems these days with nuendo i can’t keep up with the workarounds