Bug (?): Can't delete title of flow

This may be one of those “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature” things, though it seems worth mentioning in any case. Dorico Pro (4.0.31) apparently doesn’t allow untitled flows. Trying to delete the title only makes it revert to “Flow 1,” even after applying the change.

This causes problems in notating volumes of pieces in which only some of them have titles. The untitled pieces should just have a number.

Sure, there are two workarounds, but both seem rather clumsy:

  1. Remove {@flowTitle@} in Engrave mode using an override for the untitled flows
  2. Make a space the “title” of a flow.

Maybe the team could reconsider allowing untitled flows? This would really be much easier, as it would save time as well as center the piece number correctly (since superfluous spaces offset the centering).

What if you create a new flow heading and use a flow heading change for specific flows?

Use the Project Info dialog. Flows have two names: the one used “by Dorico”, and the one that appears on the page in tokens.


That actually seems to be the problem. I’ve been using the Project Info dialog box, and that’s what won’t let me delete a flow title.

This just caused yet another problem: I’m trying to output a part, and even though I removed {@flowTitle@} in Engrave mode, it keeps coming back to haunt me. Apparently I deleted {@flowTitle@} from the full score… but, try as I might, I just can’t find how to edit the templates for the individual parts in Engrave mode. Allowing users to actually delete a flow title in Project Info would solve all of these issues.

Oh, well, um, duh… just found the full score vs. parts dropdown. :slight_smile:

(Another issue: trying to upload a screenshot in case it will help other users, but the browser keeps returning an error. Oh, well.)

If you want to show the flow title at the top of some pages but not others, another way to handle this is to create a custom page template that doesn’t have the flow title token on it, and assign that page template to the pages that you don’t want the title to appear on.

If this amounts to more than half of the pages in the layout, perhaps the easier way is to do it the other way around: remove the flow title from the Default page template and instead add it to the custom page template. Whichever way results in the least extra work for you :slight_smile:

Yes, scores and parts by default use different page template sets. Note that selecting a set from the menu in the right panel in Engrave mode changes the page template used in the layout currently open; e.g. if you had the Flute part layout open and selected the Full Score page template set, the flute part would then use the Full Score page template set. If you want to access the page templates in a particular set, the easiest non-changing way would be to open a layout that uses that page template set; e.g. switch from the score to the flute part.

Here is an explanation of flow names (list on the left in Project Info) and flow titles (field on the right). By default they’re the same, but you can make them different. Similar to how in Setup mode, the layout name matches the player name until you edit the layout name directly.

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Thanks so much, Lillie, Hannes, and Ben. Dorico is gradually making more and more sense, thanks to everyone’s kind help.

It might be worth mentioning that the dialog box still allows flow titles to be deleted altogether and apparently applied. It’s just when closing the dialog box or switching the dialog box to another flow or the project that the title “Flow 1” gets covertly applied, without it being made visible to the user. In other words, to the user it appears that the title was deleted as desired. It’s only when closing the dialog box and going back to the score that “Flow 1” mysteriously reappears. At least this detail looks to be a small bug.

Personally, I’d still prefer flow titles that can actually be blank, though maybe there’s some logic behind this design decision that I don’t yet grasp?