BUG: Can't edit attribute articulations on multiple tracks

This seems to me to be either a bug or problematic design:

  1. Select regions on multiple MIDI tracks
  2. Open Key Editor
  3. Select all notes with “Edit Active Part Only” turned OFF
  4. Apply an articulation setting from the Info Line

RESULT: Only the notes in regions on the track that has the currently active region are affected. In the others the articulation setting stays what it was before.

Editing anything else on the info line properly affects all the notes, so this makes no sense from a UX perspective.

I suppose this has something to do with the problem of matching differing expression maps, but at the very least this feature could work on tracks which utilize the same map. And even with different maps it would seem logical to use the same kind of mapping that is utilized by dragging regions across the tracks.

If this has been done to avoid some accidents due to conflicting expression maps, it’d be nice if Steinberg at least allowed forcing the global articulation change by e.g. alt-shift-clicking in the articulations list.