[Bug] - Can't export Mp3

Another day, another bug…

So, I can’t export mp3’s.
The export audio window doesn’t appear to change properly to the Mp3 settings window, instead, choosing to stay on (what seems) MXF.
It then (unsurprisingly) gives an unknown error when I try to export an Mp3.

Anyone else experiencing this?



Seems to have been ‘fixed’ by trashing preferences…again

Getting really tired of this; do we have to go through the same song and dance every time there’s an update?

Surely it’s not beyond SB’s programmers to either do a preference ‘refresh’, or import than automatically into a newly formatted file so that this doesn’t happen?
It’s only been an issue since…what, N 2.x?

Hi Joe

Have the same issue in 9.5 Pro. In 9 Pro all goes well.
Can you briefly explain what “trashing preferences” means?