Bug? Can't Save Templates


On the Mac side, can someone please confirm wether they can Save a Project as a Template?

Cubase 6 just won’t let me here. My old install of 5.1.1 does this fine … I can even manually move Templates from 5 to 6 and they work. I just can’t modify them or create new ones. Nothing happens when I try.

I have checked permissions on the Templates Folder … Read and Write.

Anyone else?



Trash your prefs and it should be OK.

Thanks for the suggestion … but it didn’t work for me. I trashed all the Cubase 6 user prefs… same behavior afterwards.

When I go the Save a Project as a Template, the dialog box lets me type in a new name but it won’t save. In addition I don’t see a list of my older Saved Templates in that pane (like I did in V5).

Can someone on a Mac verify the functionality of Templates please?



Known bug if you upraded from C5.
Solution is to be found using search funtion on forum.