BUG - Can't select +6 / +12db Digital Scale in Master Meter (+workaround)

Was checking if the apperance (color) bug was solved in Cubase 11 and now you cannot even select +6db or +12db Digital Scal in the Meter. It all times falls back to +3db.

If you want to call it a fix…well…

I am going to check the other scale coloring separately.

Please acknowledge


Already reported to Steinberg, thank you.

Thanks Martin for confirmation.

Seeing these “little” things to happen I am little concerned about QM @Steinberg. It’s not the only oddity still happening with Cubase releases.
Now waiting for a fix untill Cubase 12 (maybe).

Workaround: you can select all the scales in the new Supervision analyzer plugin. Though only horizontally, you can have all variations of the meter display. Colors also work now (also in the Master)