Bug: Caret goes to a wrong bar

Sometimes when I double-click, the caret goes to a wrong bar. I’m not quite sure when exactly this happens, but here’s one case.

I managed to reduce the bug to a very simple file - it’s basically just 5 empty violin bars. If I double-click on bar 5, the caret ends up in the end of bar 4, and not in bar 5 as expected. Other bars work as normally. This only happens in Galley View, Page View works normally.

I have attached the Dorico file and a screen recording. I’m running macOS Sierra on a late 2013 Retina MacBook Pro, 8GB of memory.
Caret bug screen recording.zip (936 KB)
5 empty bars.dorico.zip (1.19 MB)

This has happened many times. And I can’t get the caret into the measure I double clicked. And the notes entered go into the other (wrong) bar. Quite clearly a bug.

This could be a Mac or Sierra specific problem. It works as expected for me on Windows 10 pro.

@Phrazemaster, what system are you running on?

I’m using the latest Mac OS. Thx.

I’ve seen this happen on Win 7 too. Until it’s fixed, just CTRL+Right arrow to move over to the correct bar.

Thx Bachn4th, I’ll try that. Meanwhile I’ve also experienced a similar problem using the mouse to try to add notes - I’ll put the cursor beyond the last note, past the last bar, but the caret won’t move, and when I click it adds a note to the previous measure. Very annoying and makes note entry awful.

I can reproduce this in galley view, but not in page view. We’ll look into this and try to fix as soon as we can. In the meantime, as a workaround, try working in page view.

Thanks Daniel, I’ll try it.

Sorry you and the team have to endure such scathing remarks! You’re all doing such a fine job.