Bug: caret will display twice on the screen

I’ve noticed that the caret sometimes is displayed twice: one on the correct place, te second two measures before the correct place.
This is after copy / paste an part.
Schermafbeelding 2016-10-24 om 23.51.42.png

It’s not the caret that displays twice, but sometimes the rhythmic grid. We know about this and we will fix it at some point. Fortunately this is only a cosmetic problem.

Sometimes I will double-click a measure and the rhythmic grid appears in the measure before. Notes entered also enter in the measure before where I double clicked. Unless I use the arrow key to move to the measure I had originally double-clicked (this can’t be default behavior?).

Also, sometimes with the mouse entry, the notes go in the previous measure instead of in the one I double-clicked. I can’t fix it without resorting to using keyboard entry or moving the caret.

Phrazemaster, the problem you describe affects galley view only, and sometimes double-clicking in the final bar in galley view positions the caret in the previous bar. For now, I suggest you use page view if you find this a big annoyance. We will fix it in due course.