BUG: CB9 bounce selected from pool forgets path

again this is something that worked in older versions of cubase but is broken in 9.

the issue is that when you bounce a region from the audio pool window you can select a folder for this audio…
Which is then forgotten the next time you use the same function, the path defaults to the pool’s project folder.

to replicate

  1. select a sample in the audio pool
  2. edit it and create a region
  3. exit that edit and select the region from the audio pool
  4. right click > audio > bounce selected
  5. save in a new folder
  6. make a new region and bounce this from the pool as before

you should be, but you are not taken to that new folder

My system:
2017 new build
i7-7700, 16GB RAM
64bit windows10
Cubase 9.0.30