[BUG] Change output for multiple tracks - not all change

When you select multiple tracks and attempt to apply a new output to them, around half of them don’t. Some will even change to the wrong thing.


  1. Create at least 2 output busses. In this example I have one stereo out and one 5.1 out.

  2. Create 6 stereo audio tracks assigned to the stereo out.

  3. Individually - change the first three stereo audio tracks to be assigned to the 5.1 out.

  4. Now select all six tracks together.

  5. Holding SHIFT, select the audio output in the mixer, change it so that all are set to the 5.1 out.

  6. Only around half will now be assigned to the 5.1 out. Some of the tracks that you had already assigned to the 5.1 out will have changed to the stereo out!

This behaviour is consistent across my previous install of Cubase 6 that was an upgrade from 4 to 5 to 6, and also on a brand new install of of Windows and Cubase 6, patched to 6.0.4.

Pretty bad bug.

It´ll probably work, if you use the correct modifier keys…!?

From the “How Do I report a problem with Cubase”-Sticky:

Please note:
A bug isn’t a bug until there is a confirmed step-by-step repro of how to break the system. May I therefore kindly ask you not to start threads like: “BUG!!!” in the title!

Something to think about…

Captured some video. Bear in mind this is just my right monitor where the mixer is.

Watch in HD!


Something for you to think about: try to be more factual and less sarcastic and people might be more inclined to listen to you.

I’ll ask you to edit your post perhaps mentioning what this modifier key is correct if shift isn’t rather than the sarcastic unhelpful reponse, and then you can mention that I shouldn’t be putting bug in the title until it’s confirmed, and I’ll look into revising my post.

Do that and I’ll delete this post.

Try using SHIFT+ALT to change mulitple outputs.


Of course first time I tried that a tooltip textbox popped up telling me to do just that, that hadn’t appeared (to my notice!) before.

What is the shift+click behaviour for, then? Not sure why that behaviour applies to the outputs where a shift+click anywhere else in the mixer view does what is expected.

Shift + click for auto-assigning inputs or outputs “listed” according to your bus setup. Most useful for inputs for most of us I’d guess.