BUG: Channel pre-gain reset when choosing new preset [Cubase 13]


  1. I open a VST instrument
  2. I change the preset using the ‘Load Track Preset’ function (OR load VST preset function)
  3. The channel pre-gain is then reset to 0db, meaning the volume can change every time I choose a new sound
  4. So channel/gain settings are lost.

Expected outcome:

  • I should be able to browse presets without resetting the pre-gain every time I load a new sound

Cubase 13
Windows 11

I don’t think that’s a bug, since the Track Preset remembers sound and channel settings:

The above screen capture is from an older version of Cubase - the manual for Cubase 13 seems to confirm that:



@skank, there is a difference between how Cubase handles vstPreset files when called by different commands. When you load a vstPreset using the track presets window, things happen as just @Nico5 linked. This is because in this case, Cubase handles vstPreset files as track presets, and has to somehow “initialize” parameters not found in the vstPreset file.

However, if you browse the vstPreset files of the chosen plugin using its own browser (either by clicking on the comboBox inside the plugin’s window or by triggering the command Preset->Open Browser, which is different from the Preset->Track Preset: Open Browser) there will be no issues with volume or preGain etc, at least this is how it works here in CB13 and CB12.