(BUG??) Clicking on mixer's VU disables "Hold peaks" setting

Hi, Steinberg!

I noticed one very annoying thing:

I like having the mixer’s VU graphs kept with “Hold Peaks” setting enabled, while editing the levels of the new project to see which tracks clip. After changing, say, EQ’s or Compressor’s Output gain value on several tracks (while listening all the time), I’d like to reset this Peak value so that I just play the project along and see how they show like. Meaning, whether tracks clip or not.

OK, you can reset the Hold Peaks-data easily by clicking on the VU graph on some track, but the problem is, that it also disables the “Hold Peaks”-setting. Why is that?? I mean wouldn’t it be nice it be left enabled so that one doesn’t have to use the mouse right-click and surf for the setting that enabled again? And if this feature is deliberately designed as it is, then what is the almighty reason beyond it? I can’t figure.

This is NOT a huge thing but when you have to do it (possibly) hundreds of times a day or two, it really starts to bug you.

So please insert that at least as an option in the Preferences or change it altogether. I’m pretty sure that most of the people here do agree with me.

Thank you for an excellent DAW anyway.


It´s the same behaviour en former versions of Cubase, so it´s not a bug.

With right click on the mixer you can find the option HOLD PEAKS FOREVER. Disable it and maybe you have, what you were looking for.

Hope this helps.
All the best.


OK, so it’s not a bug then.

But disabling the Hold Peaks Forever would just make the peaking value of the track not to retained, so that is not what I want. Or how did you mean it? I mean I DO want the peak data be held “forever” - until I click on of the VU meters in the Mixer, but what I DO NOT want is, that doing this (clicking the VU meter) would DISABLE the HOLD PEAKS-setting. I rather want that to remain enabled so that the Mixer would start collecting the new peak data again (after clicking and resetting the current ones). Know what I mean? Now I have to enable the setting with annoying use of mouse dozens of times a day manually. All over again. :frowning:

I’m not at my studio PC so I could be wrong, but I think if you click on the number at the bottom of the channel it resets the peak without disabling it.


Home now…

Yep, you just click the number right below the meter on the channel strip and it resets the peaks without turning peaks off.

You can also click twice on the meters and it resets all peaks (turning them off of course) and then turns them back on with the second click.

WOW, thank you!!! I mean that is a HUGE ease for me knowing this. That’s really excellent. Sometimes things really work fine in Cubase - you just don’t know about them :wink:

Happy to help!

Hi again, CinStudios!

I’m sorry but it seems like I must have misunderstood something… I just don’t know what number you exactly mean… I’m on Cubase 6 right now and have tried out clicking on some “numbers” in the Mixer window but nothing happens. The only number that I can see in the Mixer is the track number pretty mych (and of course the number in the VU meters, track volumes etc.) but clicking them doesn’t do anything.

Could you please once more try to explain how to do this? Imagine like I’m a six-year old kid never seen Cubase before :wink:

Thanks in advance!


Edit the title of the post please.

OK, sorry, now I got it working PER-TRACK basis by just clicking on the volume value number, but do you know if it’s possible to reset ALL the mixers in the same manner? Without going to have to right-click and go through the menus.

OK, solved it::: Found the Key-command setting for that and set it to the key §. Now it works! :slight_smile:

DAMN IT, I should REALLY learn to read !!! You already said that with two clicks you can do this - and that’s correct. It works just they way I want. Thank you, and I’ll now start searching for an elementary school to attend to :laughing:

Just to add that you can right click in the same place and click on “reset all meters” and it does all meters with one click.